City beat: The dining week in Gothenburg

2012-09-25. Published in What's Going On?
by Sanna

"Krogveckan", or loosely translated The dining week, started last Friday and will continue just another week. The concept has it's roots in New York, and in Sweden it is an arrangement between 112 different restaurants around the country. Krogveckan is a perfect opportunity to explore the dynamic dining culture in Gothenburg.

17 Gothenburg restaurants will give you a special offer on food this week. Each dish costs only 100 kronor, if you eat at least two dishes per person. It is not an offer which will make you rich, but it could be a great chance to get out and have a nice meal. If you havn't noticed already, Gothenburg is actually a competitive city when it comes to food. With as many as five restaurants with a star in Guide Micheline as well as many exciting budget alternatives, the Gothenburg dining culture deserves some attention.

Regardless what food you like- vegetarian, Greek, Italian or Swedish- you will probably find something that appeals to you. Of the restaurants included, I can recommend both Lilla Tavernan (Greek), Maharani (Indian) and Bliss resto (gourmet/ international). Of course there are also many which I havn't even tried. Yet...

In the concept lies also the convenience of online booking. To check out the restaurants and book you table, visit Krogveckan 2010

Smaklig måltid!

/ Sanna, team 2010