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2013-05-14. Published in What's Going On?
by Louise

City Beat: The Spring is Here

Saturday the 2nd of April at 12.00 the spring is officially off to its start and we are going to celebrate it! If you would like to join in, come down to Avenyn.

On Avenyn, which is the main-street in the center of Gothenburg you can find many entertaining things to do, especially on this day! Eighteen of the restaurants and cafeterias around the area are opening their outdoor sitting, and twenty-five shops are opening their doors for an outside experience. This is going to be the first and biggest celebration ...


2012-09-25. Published in What's Going On?
by Sanna

City beat: The dining week in Gothenburg

"Krogveckan", or loosely translated The dining week, started last Friday and will continue just another week. The concept has it's roots in New York, and in Sweden it is an arrangement between 112 different restaurants around the country. Krogveckan is a perfect opportunity to explore the dynamic dining culture in Gothenburg.

17 Gothenburg restaurants will give you a special offer on food this week. Each dish costs only 100 kronor, if you eat at least two dishes per ...


2012-04-18. Published in What's Going On?
by Caroline

Liseberg - an amusement park in Gothenburg


Liseberg amusement-parc is actually the biggest in the Nordic region with 35 different amusement rides! There is no doubt Liseberg is an important part of the image of Gothenburg, I guess there is no family with children under the age of 15 that can visit the Swedish west coast without visiting Liseberg. The amusement parc doesn't only attract children of course- it has 3,2 millions of guests per year and the company itself maintain that in Liseberg there is something for ...


2012-02-20. Published in What's Going On?
by Nils Pasi

Annual Book Sale Soon to Begin

The annual book sale is set to begin on Wednesday (22 Feb.) this year. Already, you can start pre-ordering books through the online book stores participating in the book sale, such as and Even Science Fiction Bokhandeln, which has stores in Gothenburg, Malmö and Stockholm, is accepting pre-orders on some of their titles on sale through their website. But for the most part, you’ll have to wait until Wednesday.

Many of the larger book store chains in Gothenburg print catalogues with all the books they will have on sale. ...


2012-01-27. Published in What's Going On?
by Nils Pasi

The 35th Gothenburg International Film Festival (27 Jan.–6 Feb.)

The 35th Gothenburg International Film Festival opened its doors to the public today. Between 27 January and 6 February a staggering number of productions from all around the world are at cinemas, libraries, lecture halls and wherever there's a projector and room for an audience. This is a unique chance to see many independent productions and international films that normally don't make it into the Swedish cinemas. All you need is a festival pass (30 SEK), and the tickets ...


2011-12-10. Published in What's Going On?
by Nils Pasi

City Beat: Christmas Music in Gothenburg

Christmas, like no other time of the year, is a time of song and music. In school, we would sing together twice a year: to welcome Christmas, and to welcome Spring. The Christmas songs are the ones I remember the best, and should I be asked to, I dare say I could sing most of them still, even though many years have passed. What sets Sweden apart from many other countries around the world, is that the Christmas songs can be ...


2011-12-09. Published in What's Going On?
by Sarah

City Beat: Christmas Markets

What would Christmas be without Christmas markets? It is not only about finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones, it is also about the cosy and relaxed atmosphere when you are there. Walk around the market, drink some mulled wine and prepare for one of our favourite festivals of the year. Here you can find some suggestions for some Christmas feeling In Gothenburg.

HDK – School for Design and Crafts, Kristinelundsgatan 6-8
Every year there is always this heavy duty to find ...


2011-12-08. Published in What's Going On?
by Sarah

City Beat: Julstaden

goteborg.comGothenburg is getting ready for Christmas. As you have already seen there are millions of lights lit in the Liseberg amusement park and all around the city centre. Most Swedes put stars and advent candlesticks in their windows. But that is not enough: soon – even more is coming!

On Friday, 9 th of December the Christmas City (Julstaden) will be officially opened. During the ceremony on Götaplatsen, Gothenburg’s entire Christmas light decoration will be lit! That will be 3 km long ...


2011-09-28. Published in What's Going On?
by Nils Pasi

City Beat: Lights in Alingsås

[caption id="attachment_3653" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Photo taken at Lights in Alingsås 2008"][/caption]
Alingsås, city of light, city of magic. As an officer of the City Beat, I can not help but notice how the nights are growing longer and darker for each day that passes. But then there is that rumor. Stories about a city of light, a city of magic northeast of Gothenburg, where the october lights shines bright and alluringly. Around 65.000 visitors visit the town every ...


2011-06-06. Published in What's Going On?
by Nils Pasi

City Beat: Aeroseum and the Göteborg Aero Show

Every year, airplanes of different types take to the sky to give a give a fantastic air performance. The dates for this years Göteborg Aero Show have not yet been set, but should be towards the end of the summer. In the meantime, you can get you curiosity about everything man-made and flying  satisfied by the Aeroseum, an aircraft museum located in an old nuclear bunker situatet a mere 15 minutes by bus from the city centre.
Completed in 1955, ...