Misi goes sightseeing: Falköping

2012-06-27. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Sera

Falköping is a little town northwest of Gothenburg. In Falköping, nature, food and traditional crafts take an important position. Falköping is, so far, Sweden’s only “Slow City”. Slow City is a global network for towns which live up to certain criteria. The main aim of Slow City is the improvement of life quality for all the town inhabitants. Moreover, there are other important goals like, for example, protection of the environment, promotion of a healthier lifestyle and the enforcement of cultural diversity. The Slow City concept is strongly connected to the Slow Food movement which promotes traditional and regional food and is seen as an alternative to fast food.

How will you recognize that Falköping is a Slow City then? Well, in town there are several local businesses that are certified as Slow City members. Most of them are in the gastronomy and hospitality industry but there are also some traditional craft shops in the network. Falköping stresses its relaxing small-town atmosphere and the many authentic local enterprises in its marketing.

What to do?
Falköping’s town center is nice for a walk and a gaze at the many little shops and workshops. If you are there for a visit, you should, of course, not miss the food! Try some of the certified restaurants or cafés that are in the Slow City network. Otherwise, you will find as in so many other Swedish towns, cute houses, churches and art galleries.

Falköping’s Science Center “Delenium” celebrates its 10-year anniversary next week (21 and 22 May) and there will be 50% discount on the entrance. Around Falköping there is an “Ekomuseet” (ecological outdoor museum) which included a lot of old, authentic and small-scale attractions. A lot of experiences are waiting. Even one very odd archaeological finding place “Offerplatsen Finnetorp” is situated in that area. During the last years a lot of sacrificial objects and sacrificial altar have been found there.
Hornborgasjön which misi presented a few weeks ago is also located in the surrounding area.

How to get there?
You can take a direct SJ train from Gothenburg to Falköping. The trip takes about an hour and costs between 60 and 100 SEK.


Slow City and Slow Food

Falköping's Tourist Board

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