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Life in Gothenburg

2012-06-27. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Sera

Misi goes sightseeing: Falköping

Falköping is a little town northwest of Gothenburg. In Falköping, nature, food and traditional crafts take an important position. Falköping is, so far, Sweden’s only “Slow City”. Slow City is a global network for towns which live up to certain criteria. The main aim of Slow City is the improvement of life quality for all the town inhabitants. Moreover, there are other important goals like, for example, protection of the environment, promotion of a healthier lifestyle and the enforcement of cultural diversity. ...


2012-06-18. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Caroline

Citybeat: Kungälv Medieval Festival

If you're in Gothenburg on the 19th -22th of July don't miss the exciting event of the Medieval festival in Kungälv that celebrates that 10 years! There will not only a market where you can buy everything from newly baked bread to medieval products, shirts, swords and so on but also a tournament where brave knights fight each other to win while the King and Queen of this festival watches. There will be jesters peforming during the day and bands performing ...


2012-06-11. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Caroline

Citybeat: Concerts

This summer will packed with different concerts in the city of Gothenburg, so there will always be something to listen to.

How about artists like Madonna, Alison Krauss, The Shins, Melissa Horn, Lady Antebellum, Timbuktu, Ulrik Munther? Do you have any suggestions on what concerts to go to, in Gothenburg and any other city?

/Caroline Misi Sweden 2012



2012-06-04. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Gina

City Beat: Use Songkick to Track Concerts


[caption id="attachment_3943" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Wilco (the best band ever) Kansas City, MO 2007"][/caption]


Hey everyone! There is always live music going on wherever you are. Sometimes, the trouble is finding out where it is! I use to get updates on where and when my favorite artists are playing.

It's easy to start using, you just enter your location, and then pick your favorite artists. You can select multiple locations. As you choose artists it even suggests other ...


2012-05-23. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Caroline

City Beat: Hammarkullen Carnival

Hammarkullen carnival is a tradition that has existed since 1974 and have been a yearly event since then, except for a two years break during the end of the 70's. The carnival is filled with fun and multicultural events that is going to take place this weekend from Friday to Sunday. So don't forget to take trip to Hammarkullen to take part of the entertaining event that involves to many people.

/Misi Sweden Team 2012


2012-05-01. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Sera

City Beat: May Day

After all the celebrations, parades and bon fires on Valborgsafton (April 30th), there is another important date coming up: Första maj – May Day or also called International Workers’ Day.

As the name suggests this is an important date to remind about the Working Class Movement. Especially left-wing parties use this day to demonstrate, hold speeches and inform the public about their party programme. As in many other countries the first of May is a public holiday in Sweden. Unfortunately, in this year ...


2012-04-19. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Sera

The Native: Majblommor


Have you recently seen a lot of children around town with green bags? And do they try to sell paper flowers to you? Well, then the season for majblommor (mayflowers) has started.

Majblommor is a Swedish charity foundation that aims to fight children poverty. They want that all children have the possibility to participate in school and freetime activities. That is why they support children from families with a difficult economic or social situation, children with chronic illnesses or other difficulties.

The idea is simple. ...


2012-03-28. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Caroline

The Native: Hel Special & Halv Special (Whole & Half Special)

Living in Gothenburg, one can’t escape to notice the city dish; Whole & Half Special. Many stories on how the dish was created have wandered around the city in different forms.

One story that has been officially published is the one about Albert Johansson who ran one of the hotdog stands during the 1930’s. He was visited by two men who asked for a hot dog each with some mashed potato on top of it. They returned a week after to the ...


2012-03-27. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Sarah

Misi goes sightseeing: Alingsås

Alingsås is a cute little town about 30 minutes outside Gothenburg. There are three things which you should know about Alingsås: it is a town with many cafes, there is the annual festival Lights in Alingsås and it is famous for potatoes!

Cafés and bakeries play an important role in Alingsås since a long time. It is said that Swedish industry workers bought bread instead of baking it at home. That is why there were many bakeries in town and this tradition ...


2012-03-12. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Nina

Spotify – Free Streaming Music in Sweden

Oh. My. God:  Spotify.

If there is one thing, hands down, that I could pick that ROCKS about living in Sweden, it's this website. For weeks, I was encouraged by my Swedish family and friends to visit the site and see what the ruckus was about, but for some reason, I didn't bother to until about two weeks in (I had other things to do: bank account, personnummer, you know...) But man, when I finally did--it's like someone turned the light on for ...