Discovering Swedish: Adjectives (Episode 3)

2012-05-27. Published in
by Nils Pasi

Today we present the third part of our a weekly 10 parts podcast series on the Swedish language. Each episode will contain a short dialogue, some key vocabulary and key sentences, as well as an accompanying PDF file with grammatical explanations, example sentences, vocabulary lists and more.

The series is designed to introduce beginners' level Swedish, with each episode focussing of a specific sentence pattern or grammatical feature. For the first few episodes, for example, we're presenting the main parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives and so on).

Episode three:

In this episode we cover adjectives. Adjective vocab. lists included in the pdf.

Download the mp3 (2.3MB)

Download the pdf (188KB)


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We are very eager to hear your thoughts and feedback. What is good? What can be improved upon? What should we do differently? We really want to know what you think, and to improve the podcast so that it really becomes a useful tool for everyone out there learning Swedish.

/Nils, Sera and Gina, team 2011