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Misi Test Panel: Vanilla Ice-Cream

Misi Test Panel: Semla

Misi Test Panel: Lussebullar

Misi Test Panel: Julmust and Juleskum

Misi Test Panel: Glögg and Pepparkakor

Misi Test Panel: Chocolate (Part Two: Dark Chocolate)

Misi Test Panel: Chocolate (Part One: Milk Chocolate)

Misi Test Panel: Orange Juice

Misi Test Panel: Ballerina & Singoalla cookies

Misi Test Panel: Kanelbullar (Cinnamon Buns)

The Wonder Chef: Ice-cream with Chocolate Sauce

Styr och Ställ: Bicycles like Busses

The Native: Våffeldagen

Trains and Tickets – when they are cheap

Posten – A Guide to the Swedish Postal Service

City Shopping Guide

Need to go to IKEA?

Getting Around with Västtrafik

Shopping Cheap Online

The Native: Kanelbullens Dag and How to Make Cinnamon Rolls

Major Grocery Stores and Specialist Convenience Stores

The Wonder Chef: How to Make Raggmunkar (Swedish Traditional Dish)

Why Not Buy Secondhand?

Job hunting for international students in Sweden

Design shopping- reduced prices

Practial guide for your sex life in Göteborg

Pure Swedish not just the Pirate bay.....

Fysiken – Gothenburgs center for stundent sports!

Need to go to IKEA?

Mobile Telephony in Sweden

Quick useful guide!!

Need to go to IKEA?


Language & Culture

Mother's Day


Valentine's Day in Sweden

The Native: Julbord (Christmas Smorgasbord)

The Native: Swedish Superstition: The falling cake

The Native: Julmust & Julskum

The Native: Advent Calendars

City Beat: Håkan Hellström at Liseberg

Best of Pop Culture

Discovering Swedish: Saying Farewell and the Swedish Months (Episode 10)

The National Day of Sweden

The Native: Summer Houses

Discovering Swedish: Tag Questions and Asking for Opinions (Episode 9)

Discovering Swedish: 'Expensive' and numbers 100-1.000.000 (Episode 8)

The Native: Studenten (graduation from upper-secondary school)

Pop Culture: Studentflak

Discovering Swedish: 'Vad kostar mat...?' and numbers 25-99 (Episode 7)

Pop Culture: Veronica Maggio

Discovering Swedish: 'Norrlänningar' and numbers 12-24 (Episode 6)

Pop Culture: Food Shows on TV

The Native: Parental Leave

Discovering Swedish: Weekdays and Time (Episode 5)

Popular Culture: Swedish filmmakers

Discovering Swedish: "What is that?" (Episode 4)

The Native: Valborgsmässoafton

Saturday Special: Interviewing the Easter Bunny and Easter Witch Eevanna Madfly

Food, Sweets and Drink during Easter

The Easter celebration history

The Native: Easter Traditions

The Native: The Candy Obsession

Discovering Swedish: Adjectives (Episode 3)

Discovering Swedish: Nouns (Episode 2)

The Native: Couch Friday

Misi goes sightseeing: Falkenberg

Discovering Swedish: Word-order and Verbs (Episode 1)

The Native: The Angry Note

Pop Culture: Swedish television

The Native: Jantelagen

The Swedish 'Fika'

Misi Review: Kalle Anka at Christmas Eve!

The Native: A Typical Swedish Christmas Eve

Misi Review: Best "PepparKakor" and "Best Julmust"

The Native: A Traditional Lucia

Misi Review: Lussekatter with Saffran

Special: Christmas Vocabulary

Saturday Special: Björling and Nilsson

The Art of Remembering: Anki – A Useful Student Tool

Saturday Special: Gustav Adolfsdagen (Gustav Adolf's Day)

A Glance at Swedish Literature, Film, and One Computer Game

The Native: The Dalahäst - 8 Questions Answered

Discovering Sweden: From Clocks to Fishing Gear, Bearings to Cars, and a Company that does not Exist

Discovering Sweden: On the Topic of 'Lagom', Independence and Marriage in Sweden

Introducing Swedish:Shopping Theme

Discovering Sweden: Shopping, the Shocking Discovery

Introducing Swedish: Election theme

Discovering Sweden: Political Basics

The Swedish Crayfish Party (kräftskiva)

Introducing Swedish: Where is the Castle?

Surströmming – Traditional Food and a Unique Experience

Saturday Special: Midsummer

About Sweden

The Bocksten Man and Varberg's Fortress

“Fika” – A Typically Swedish Activity

Facts about Sweden

A Short History of Gothenburg

Life in Gothenburg

Citybeat: Kungälv Medieval Festival

Citybeat: Concerts

City Beat: Hammarkullen Carnival

Misi Test Panel: Our favourite cafés

City Beat: Musikhjälpen

Special: Lucia Day

City Beat: 11/11/11

The Native: Gustav Adolfsbakelse

The Native: Swedish Chocolate Makers

City Beat: Chocolate Festival

The Native: Nils' Ten Survival Tips on Weathering the Swedish Winter

City Beat: Kulturnatta

Misi goes sightseeing: Alingsås

The Native: Kanelbullens Dag

The Native: Hel Special & Halv Special (Whole & Half Special)

Misi goes sightseeing: The Gothenburg Archipelago

The Native: Coffee

The Native: Liseberg

City Beat: Concerts

The Native: Best Links and Apps for Gothenburg

Misi Reviews

City Beat: Kulturkalas

The Native: Favourite photo spots in Gothenburg

Misi goes sightseeing in Gothenburg

Summer special: Ice-cream places

City Beat: Barbecue, Cafes with Outdoor Seating, and Swimming

Saturday Special: 365 saker

Misi goes sightseeing: Borås

Misi goes sightseeing: Falköping

Misi Reviews: April Edition

Misi goes sightseeing: Kungsbacka

City Beat: May Day

Pop Culture: Swedish films

The Native: Majblommor

Home Sweet Home

Misi Reviews: March Edition

Saturday Special: Voices from a Distance

Pop Culture: Mainstream and Other Cinema in Gothenburg

Saturday Special: A tram travel trough the best of Gothenburg! Your tour guide to Gothenburg!

Destination Special

The Native: The Internal Order of Swedish Dates

The Native: Don't be Alarmed, it's just the Alarm

Language Friends at ABF

The Native: Let's Eat some Semlor!

Sports in Göteborg

Welcome to Sweden and Gothenburg

New Year's Eve in Gothenburg!

The Native: 'Mellandagsrea' - Christmas Sale

Saturday Special: Where Did the Time Go?

Discovering Sweden: St. Lucia Day

Thought of the Week: Snow, Gothenburg Weather and Christmas Spirit

The Breakfast Club

Discovering Sweden: God Jul

The Native: Let it Snow! A 'New' Song to Learn

Saturday Special: About ABBA - Q&A

The Native: The Path to Opera and Classical Music

MISI Review: Christmas at Liseberg!

Spotify – Free Streaming Music in Sweden

City Beat: Use Songkick to Track Concerts

The Native: Live Music in Gothenburg

Misi Review: Toscana Ristorante Italiano

Thought of the Week: The Humanisten-Maze

The Native: Evening Courses in Gothenburg

Thought of the Week: Commuting

Misi Review: Cosy fikas at Biscuit

Discovering Sweden: Financial Food Fight

Thought of the Week: The Job Hunt Begins

MISI REVIEW: Gadden Gothenburgs biggest Business jobb fair

Special: Skiing and Curling in Gothenburg

The Native: To Swim, To Badminton, To Do – Where to do Sports in Gothenburg

Thought of the Week: Football and Free-Exercise

Misi Review: Thai Praycock, nice thai by GU and Handels!

Thought of the Week: The Swedish Souvenir.

Thought of the Week: Seattle’s “Latté Run” vs. Göteborg’s “Fika”

The Public Library, More than just Books

Misi Review: Vino Tapas

“Beating the Metric System”

Saturday special: After-Work in Gothenburg

Practicing Foreign Languages

Thought of the Week: “Göteborg Checklist, Item 4—Buying Boots”

Clearing up the Confusion Surrounding the Student Buddy Organizations

The Native: General Elections – When Everyone Knows Everything

Sightseeing for Natives

Paddan a Gothenburg Classic

Life in Gothenburg: Canoeing in Gothenburg’s Delsjön

Saturday Special: A Café with a View – open during the summer

Popular Culture: ‘Closed in July’

To Denmark & Back in one day!

Life in Gothenburg:Water tower in Gothenburg

Misi Review: Lunch at Gothenburg Opera

The Native: Paddan – sightseeing on the water

City Beat: A New Season at the Maritime Museum

Working in Sweden

FestU and Erasmus parties, experienced by an Erasmus student

Saturday Special: Stargazing and Satellite Spotting

Life in Gothenburg: After work in Gothenburg

Misi Review: Movie + Bar= true?

Misi Review: Dining in Göteborg- Mañana

The Native: Late for Halloween?

Life In Gothenburg Jogging around Lindholmen!

Hagabion- more than a cinema

MISI Review: Cafes with free wireless internet

Systembolaget – Friend or Enemy

Weekend Tips: Go Swimming at Valhalla!

What's Going On?

Liseberg - an amusement park in Gothenburg

Annual Book Sale Soon to Begin

The 35th Gothenburg International Film Festival (27 Jan.–6 Feb.)

City Beat: Christmas Music in Gothenburg

City Beat: Christmas Markets

City Beat: Julstaden

City Beat: Where the Action Is Music Festival

City Beat: The Hammarkulle Carnival 27-29 May

EXTRA City Beat: The Volvo Museum's Day

City Beat: Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon

City Beat: 12-Hour Festival for Human Rights

City Beat: International Science Festival

City Beat: Valborg Celebrations This Weekend

City Beat: Liseberg Opening for the Summer!

City Beat: Göteborg for Japan Charity Concert

Saturday Special: Clothes Exchange Day


City Beat: Music Doc Festival

Extra Notice: Beach volleyball

City Beat: The Spring is Here

Saturday Special: Earth Hour 2011

City Beat: Video Art Wednesdays After Work

City Beat: Upp! Fashion Event

City Beat: Donation Campaign for Japan

City Beat: Free Concerts in the Opera House Foyer

City Beat: Salsa Nights!

City Beat: Book Sale

City Beat: See Melodifestivalen Live

International Welcome Party - Feb. 4

Mingle Night with Upp!

New Year's Eve Downtown

City Beat: minifestival in Pustevik

Goodbye Party!

City Beat: Christmas concerts

City Beat: Lucia Concerts

Ice Skating at Heden

City Beat: Santa Clauses on the Streets of Gothenburg on Dec. 4

City Beat: A Weekend in Spain

City beat: Christmas market

City Beat: Women without men

City Beat: Sweden vs. Germany Open Practice and Game

City beat: the Christmas city

City Beat: Kontiki's Klubb Dalia Benefits the Homeless


City beat: à la London design market

City Beat: Halloween Horror Party

City beat: The dining week in Gothenburg

City beat: Concerts in Gothenburg

City Beat: Lights in Alingsås

City Beat: Håkan Hellström Signing and Concert

City Beat: Special Screening of "Cocalero" Tonight

City Beat: Universeum Presents “Tilt!”

City beat: House party, Villa belparc

City Beat: Welcome Party for Master and Exchange Students – 2 Oct. 2010

City Beat: Gran Turismo Gothenburg 2010

City Beat: Tokyo Fusion Party Tonight

City beat: The Swedish political system for dummies

City Beat: Football in Gothenburg this Fall

City Beat: Paris at Hasselblads center

Local Medieval Metal Band BLACK MAGIC FOOLS to Perform Live at Parken

Welcome Party 26th at Parken!

City Beat: Annual HBT-festival, 1-5 JUNE

The Cranes are Coming!

Annual Tourist Fair Coming to Svenska Mässan

City Beat: Peggy Sue and a trio named Horse and Sea Lion

Looking for a cake buffet?

City Beat: Aeroseum and the Göteborg Aero Show

City Beat: Kulturnatta – One night of culture in Göteborg

City Beat: Majornadagen 2010

Liseberg – an amusement park in Gothenburg