About Misi


Misi.se envisions becoming a "One Stop Shop" for all international students studying in Sweden. Our vision is to gather all specific and relevant topics for international students into one portal, to make the most of their stay in Sweden. By providing this platform Misi.se aims to be the most useful and most visited portal for current and potential international students in Sweden.

The Misi.se organization aims to become a well governed, professional and a well known non profit organization in Sweden.


Misi.se first started in 2008 as a communication platform for student union of the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg and its international students. The success became evident and Misi.se quickly expanded to become available for all international unions and its students in Gothenburg.

Misi.se is driven as a non-profit organization with a strong connection to the international student unions in Gothenburg. Therefore all revenues gained through Misi.se are reinvested to make Misi.se better.

The members of the Misi.se team are current university students voluntarily committed to make Misi.se continuously better. We are students who enjoy the international society and aims to gain invaluable experience during the process of building a well functioning organization.

About Misi

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Our members

Yining Wang

Team leader

Tel: 0700 22 00 11

Email yining.wang@misi.se

Sanna Isemo

Vice Group Leader

Tel: 0738 39 22 06

Email vicegroupleader@misi.se

Nils Nävert

Chief Editor

Tel: 0762 31 87 66

Email Chiefeditor@misi.se

Xiaoming Cai

IT development Manager

Tel: 0704 21 42 60

Email it@misi.se


Ravi Jay

IT development

Tel: 0762 65 43 47

Email it@misi.se

Molood Noori Alavijeh

Event Manager

Tel: 0765 82 55 82

Email event@misi.se

Jie Ma

IT consultant

Tel: 0704 35 95 39

Email it@misi.se