Practial guide for your sex life in Göteborg

2011-01-30. Published in Hands-on Guides
by Sanna

I assume that sex is a rather essential topic for Erasmus students, and something than you don't get nearly as much  information about as how to get a library card. That's why I'll give you new students a small practical sex guide for Göteborg:

Where to buy condoms: You find them in most big supermarkets, pharmacies and small supermarkets like 7eleven. Generally you have to ask for them, since they are kept behind the cash desk- a detail that makes the buying-condoms-situation even more inconvenient... A tips is to visit Ungdomsmottagningen (see below) where you normally get them for free.

Where to buy a pregnancy test: If you didn't dare to ask for the condoms in the supermarket, you might find yourself in the situation when you need a pregnancy test... Normally you find them in the same places as the condoms, but the same thing here: you might have ask for it. The price is around 100 kronor.

Where to make a STD test: There are several places where you can make a  test to see if you have any sexually transmitted diseases (e.g. Ungdomsmottagningen). Due to long queues the easiest way might be to visit a drop-in-reception. Sesammottagingen in Majorna (Karl Johansgatan 12) has drop-in visiting hours Tuesdays 07:30-09:30  and Thursdays 15:30-17:30  (for both men and women).

Ungdomsmottagingen: In the social advice and guidance centers for young people you find midwifes, welfare officers, psychologists, assistant nurses, gynaecologists and doctors. The centers are open for anyone between 13 and 24 years old, and the visit is normally free. If you need support, have problems you need to talk about, want to ask about contraceptives etc. you can find help in Ungdomsmottagningen. Search for the office closest to where you live (here) and book a visit.

Take care!

/ Sanna, team 2010-2011


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