Mobile Telephony in Sweden

2011-01-13. Published in Hands-on Guides
by yining

In Sweden we use the GSM/3G network which follows the international standards that means that if you have a cell phone from your country which supports GSM you can use it here in Sweden. In that case all you need to do is to get a sim card from one of the providers and switch it with your current sim card. However, if you want to use your current cell phone in Sweden, you must make sure that your cell phone is not locked to a local provider in your home country.

In Sweden, just like in many European countries, you can either sign up for a cell phone subscription plan or just simply use a pay to go card. We recommend you to use the pay to go card the price is just about the same and you need to be permanent living in Sweden at least first 6 months before you can sign up for a subscription. The pay to go cards can be recharged at any convenience shop or on the internet at any time, so it’s very convenient as well.

The main cell phone service providers here in Sweden are Tele2/Comviq, Telia, Telenor and 3. The cheapest provider is Tele2/Comviq and in general most Swedish students uses Tele2/Comviq as there service provider due to their prices. Their signal might not be as good as the other providers in northern parts in Sweden but in the more populated areas it works just as fine.

Different kinds of Pay to go plans! *Important*

A big difference in Sweden is that there are also some different kinds of pay to go options (price plans) that you can chose among each time you recharge your card. For example, Tele2 has the regular Standard, Amigos, Kompis, Smart and Poppis price plans. The call rates and text message rates are very different in each of these price plans. It is therefore important to compare the different price plans to find the one that best caters to your needs. The different price plans may be found here. (Page is in Swedish but you can use google translate for translation)

We think that the Amigos is the best plan for international students. With this plan, you pay only a opening charge of 0,99 SEK per call and then you call for 0 kr/min within the Tele2/Comviq network. Calling landlines and mobile phones with other operators that Tele2/Comviq costs 0.49SEK/minute, plus a 0.99 SEK opening charge. SMS cost 0,29 SEK per sms to all operators including Tele2/Comviq. A major advantage with Amigos is that it also has cheap international call rates, at least when compared with others.

*Important* Very important to note is that all price plans except for Standard are only valid for one month from the day of the purchase!!! It don’t mean that your money that you have left will disappear, but the price plan will revert to Standard after one month unless you recharge the card with more money.

In general, the Cell phone prices in Sweden is lower than in many other countries due to the strong competition among the providers. If you need to buy a new cell phone in Sweden, you can find phones as cheap as 199SEK, although they tend to very basic models offering little beyond the ability to make and receive calls and text messages. You can buy these phones at mostly any electronics shops like the phone house, SIBA, Class Olsson etc, all of which you can find in Nordstan, the major shopping center in Gothenburg.

To charge up your Tele2 card for the first time:

Go to a local convience store like 7-eleven, Pressbyrån or any major supermarkets such as ICA, Lidl etc Buy a 50kr, 100kr or 200 kr Amigos recharge receipt. When you receive the receipt you will see a 13 digit security number. The security number is display in the middle of the receipt, security number is called "Säkerhetskod" in Swedish. Now to charge up your phone press #110#Securitiy number (13 digits) then press call! Within soon you will receive a message stating that your phone is recharged with the value you have purchased.   

*To check how much money you have left on the prepaid card put in *111# and press the call button! will be handing out free Tele2 SIM-cards to newly arrived exchange students in the coming arrival day weeks (Aug 20- Aug 31), you can pick them up at the Exchange Student Office at Viktoriagatan 13 Gothenburg

Alright we hope you have received detailed information about the cellphone situation and that you can get connected quickly with your new friends in Sweden!!

Best wishes

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